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  • Eric Currie

Change Saturation is Impacting Your Employees

Employee Satisfaction and Change

In an ever-evolving business landscape, change is the only constant. However, with the increasing frequency and intensity of organizational transformation, the concept of 'change saturation' is becoming prevalent. 

As a certified change practitioner and experience helping a Fortune 400 company build its change capability, I've seen first-hand how this phenomenon can significantly impact employees, affecting their job performance and emotional well-being. I’m Eric Currie and in today’s article let’s uncover what change saturation is and how it impacts you and your employees.

Understanding Change Saturation

Change saturation is when employees are overwhelmed by the number and magnitude of modifications occurring within their organization. It's like trying to drink from a firehose - the sheer volume and speed make it impossible to keep up. This happens when the pace exceeds an organization’s or individual's capacity to manage and absorb it effectively.

Decreased Productivity

Employees may need help to maintain their previous productivity levels with the constant need to adapt to modifications. The time and energy required to understand new processes or systems can detract from their core tasks.

Reduced Engagement

Employees who are overwhelmed by modification may disengage from their work. This lack of engagement can manifest as reduced initiative or little to no participation in a new change.

Higher Turnover Rates

If employees feel they cannot cope with the level of transformation, they may choose to leave the organization. High turnover can disrupt team dynamics and continuity and impact the organization’s performance.

Resistance to Future Changes

If employees have been overwhelmed by past or current changes, they may become resistant to future transformation, making it harder for the organization to evolve.

Minimizing the Impact

Change in business is inevitable, but how much change happens at once is controllable. Consider how each change impacts the organization and ask yourself “does this change have to be implemented now?” Organizations can also help their employees navigate these challenges by implementing effective change management strategies.

I work with organizations who want to prevent change overwhelm to reduce turnover and increase productivity. Let’s connect to see how we can work together to create better change.

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