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The question “why do people choose not to change” is what has fueled my passion on why others, and even myself, choose the status quo over the possibility of something better.

My own personal journey through change has taught me that the keys to successful change are understanding how you process change and how you navigate your own resistance.

As a person whose purpose is “I’m here to help”, it’s important to me that you, the leader of a team, are successful in guiding your team through the messy middle of change in a way that’s fun, engaging, and with ideas you can implement today.

  • I’m a certified Prosci Change Practitioner with a professional background in change management

  • My ideas will shape how you lead your team through change with the power of emotional connection

  • I understand organizational change only happens when individuals work through their own resistance and align with change

  • Skilled facilitated who asks the right questions to inspire behavioral change

  • I’m easy to work with and I work to create learning experiences for my clients

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"Eric's energy and passion for developing others is contagious. He is a dynamic and engaging speaker who leverages practical tools, humor and real-life examples to inspire his audience to uncover their strengths and passions to live more boldly. He is top-notch!"

- Lauren M.

"Eric was an energetic and an engaging facilitator for our team's strengths workshop. We learned more about ourselves and our teammates, and had a lot of fun while doing so! We're excited to use what we've learned to work as a team to accomplish our goals while leveraging each other's strengths. We appreciate Eric's expertise and look forward to seeing what we've learned come to life in our work!"

- Stephanie M.

“Eric is able to engage a diverse group of team members...bringing to light one another's diversity of strengths while enabling a foundation of a high performing team. I will ALWAYS use Eric to help facilitate the forming of a new team to motivate us into a high performing team."

- Elaine L.
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