CHANGE. It happens to all of us. Sometimes in big ways, sometimes in small ways, and sometimes without our permission. Here's what I know about change:


1) It's hard

2) It's personal

3) It only happens when emotion and logic work together.

So, are you ready for your next change? Is your organization ready for its next important change effort? Change doesn't happen without people. I help make change a little easier by providing practical change strategies to help people experience change success.

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"Eric brings expertise and enthusiasm to his workshops. He engages participants through thoughtful questions and meaningful activities. Participants leave his sessions with specific ideas on converting the learning into action."

                       -Julie T.

"Eric, thank You for empowering us with these tools to Live more Boldly, personally and professionally. My engine needed this rev!"


-Nicole H.

"Eric brought practical ideas and humor to our workshop."


 -Kendall P.