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Consider for a moment the challenges, transitions and changes the people of your organization are facing right now in their professional and personal lives. My programs will provide you and your team with action focused strategies to improve mindset, be more engaged and move forward with more confidence.


There you are waiting...Waiting to take on more responsibility. Waiting to go for the certification that will enhance your career. Waiting to speak up in that big meeting.

Are you ready to STOP living life from the sidelines and START living B.O.L.D? Begin living the life you desire and achieving the results you want by building awareness around your own uniqueness and value.

Workshop Information

Best Audience: Teams, Small Businesses, and Organizations who believe in the advantages of personal individual growth to achieve results

Length: 50 minutes

Session Type: Virtual or In-person


This session will help you:

  • Embrace who you are through the strengths you have

  • Create impact in your life by observing what's working and what's not

  • Have self-compassion for yourself and build resilience

  • Decide in your life

Are you ready to embrace change, build resilience, and empower YOU?


Then you’re ready to be a Thought Hero®!

Unleash your inner superhero ability and defeat your limiting thoughts in an instant®. As a Thought Hero you will shape your mindset to manage the twenty-four hour a day self-talk that stops you from making your life better, building the relationships you desire, and achieving the goal you want.

Workshop Information

Best Audience: Small Businesses, Associations, and Organizations who believe in providing resources and strategies which support the whole person in the day to day challenges of change that maximize their contribution.

Length: 50 minutes

Session Type: Virtual or In-person


This session will help you:

  • Crush the destructive thoughts

  • Build resilience

  • Understand why “being you” is an asset

  • Develop an action plan for success

Keynote is customized to highlight the needs, goals and/or messages that are important to your organization and includes downloadable resources to keep participants thinking and developing after the session.

Imagine for a moment, the sixty-four count box of Crayola crayons.


Sixty-four colors that offer endless possibilities and opportunities. Like the individual crayons in this box, each of us is different.  Each one able to create and achieve things others are unable to do.


This exciting and timely workshop gets people thinking and building awareness around their own uniqueness to achieve and engage through their strengths. Your team builds understanding of how each person contributes to the team's success. The result? People who experience more confidence, feel more joy and unleash their full potential.

Workshop Information

Best Audience: Inclusion and Diversity teams, Small Businesses, Working Teams and Organizations who want to connect to the whole person to create engagement and promote authenticity.

Length: 90 minutes

Session Type: Virtual or In-person

This session will help you:

  • Identify your Top 5 Strengths

  • Start embracing who you are and stop trying to fix what's wrong

  • Understand why we do what we do each day

  • Create more confidence, direction and joy

Which session looks like the best fit for your organization?
Let's connect to talk more about how I can meet your needs.
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