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  • Eric Currie

Two Ideas to Help with Employee Motivation

A Duo of Employee Motivation Approaches

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Have you ever wondered how some employees manage to stay positive and adaptable, even in challenging situations, while others struggle to keep up?

Allow me to take you on a journey into the world of employee motivation and adaptability and share with you two ways to create resilience in your team.

Foster a Supportive Work Environment: A friendly and supportive work environment makes employees feel happy and dedicated to their work. When employees freely share their thoughts, ask for help, and give quality feedback and suggestions, they feel more invested in the change process. Make sure to:

  1. Encourage open communication where everyone can freely share their ideas without fear of judgment.

  2. Provide help and genuine feedback to help your colleagues and employees improve.

  3. Celebrate success, no matter if it’s small or big.

  4. Plan team-building activities to help your team members bond and build strong connections.

Nurture Adaptability: In this fast-paced world, it’s important to adjust and change quickly. Here are a few ideas to help you and your team become adaptable:

  • Always be eager to learn new things. For instance, you can take part in training sessions or workshops to gain more skills and knowledge.

  • There is no shame in trying different roles/jobs. After all, it can help you become more flexible, skilled, and experienced in many areas.

  • Sometimes, it becomes important to make quick decisions. Therefore, just like playing a game, you need to think fast and make the best choices.

That’s a Wrap

Want to take your team’s enthusiasm and adaptability to new heights? At you will find valuable tips and insights that can help you make positive changes in the workplace.

Contact me today.
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