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Thriving in the Fast Lane: A Leader’s Road Map to Overcoming Employee Disengagement During Change


Leadership in times of change requires a strategic roadmap to navigate challenges and ensure the continued engagement of your team while reducing the overwhelm of change. 'Thriving in the Fast Lane' is a specialized training class designed for leaders seeking to overcome employee disengagement during periods of change, providing essential tools and insights to drive successful transitions to increase productivity and reduce turn over.


Course Overview:

This course goes beyond the basics of change management, focusing on the unique challenges leaders face in maintaining employee engagement amidst rapid changes. Explore practical strategies and proven methodologies to not only survive but thrive as a leader in the fast lane of organizational transformation.


Learning Objectives:

  1. The role you play in change and the key activities necessary to drive it: Understand your role as a leader during times of change and identify key activities essential for driving successful organizational transitions.

  2. Practical change management strategies to increase adoption: Acquire actionable change management strategies to increase the adoption of new initiatives, fostering a culture of adaptability and resilience.

  3. How to connect with middle managers so they advocate for you: Develop effective communication and collaboration strategies to connect with middle managers, empowering them to advocate for and drive organizational change.

  4. Three ways to handle resistance to convert the strongest dissenters: Learn six powerful approaches to handle resistance, converting even the strongest dissenters into advocates for change and collaboration.


Join me in 'Thriving in the Fast Lane' to equip yourself with the leadership skills needed to overcome employee disengagement during change. Navigate the complexities of organizational transformation with confidence, ensuring that your team not only adapts but thrives in the fast-paced environment of change.


Length: 4h:00m


Session Type: In person or virtual

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