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Meet Eric...

Change, such a fascinating phenomenon that happens to all of us in big and small ways each and every day. I have watched people throughout my life either go through change kicking and screaming or simply refusing to change at all. I have wondered, why do people choose to stay exactly where they are? What is keeping them there? Why do they not see what life could be for them? 

Answering these questions and sometimes needing ways to push myself through change led me to the Personal Development section of the bookstore quite frequently. I quickly learned that sometimes the pain people associate with a given change is too great and they opt to simply avoid the change. Others don’t change because they are content in their status quo. 

My professional background in Change Management and my own personal journeys through change have taught me that, with the right tools, each of us can hit reset and conquer our change through our own uniqueness. 

I am 100% a change advocate for your individual change. I totally believe in you and will meet you where you are so that you can pause, reflect and shift your mindset to take on the change that you are facing in your professional and personal life.  ​


  • I am a certified Prosci Change Practitioner

  • I have created team connection programs, utilizing Gallup StrengthsFinder, that has helped hundreds of people achieve their goals through their strengths

  • I understand that organizational change only happens when each individual changes

  • My ideas will shape the way you approach your life and how your organization prepares people for change


Learn more about my Keynotes and Workshops here.

What others are saying...

"Eric was an energetic and an engaging facilitator for our team's strengths workshop. We learned more about ourselves and our teammates, and had a lot of fun while doing so! We're excited to use what we've learned to work as a team to accomplish our goals while leveraging each other's strengths. We appreciate Eric's expertise and look forward to seeing what we've learned come to life in our work!"

                 -Stephanie M.

"Eric's energy and passion for developing others is contagious. He is a dynamic and engaging speaker who leverages practical tools, humor and real-life examples to inspire his audience to uncover their strengths and passions to live more boldly. He is top-notch!"

                   -Lauren M.

“Eric is able to engage a diverse group of team members...bringing to light one another's diversity of strengths while enabling a foundation of a high performing team. I will ALWAYS use Eric to help facilitate the forming of a new team to motivate us into a high performing team."

                  -Elaine L.

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